Modification Legal Services

As Time Goes On, Modifications May Be Necessary

When going through a divorce or making decisions around custody arrangements, the aim is to find a solution that works long term. When things change, modifications need to be made. Jenkins & Wheatley Family Law has over 40 years of combined experience helping clients do just that. We are here to provide you with honest, professional service from beginning to end.

When Is Modification A Good Idea?

We have worked with clients throughout Kentucky whose circumstances have changed for any reason. For example, say your children have gotten older. The custody arrangement that was established years ago may no longer be a good fit based on their schedule. It’s possible to amend it so you aren’t tied to what it was before. For couples who have gone through a divorce, there may be child support attached to one person’s name. Maybe your financial status has changed, and you no longer need as much money from the other parent. There are countless examples of ways life can throw a wrench in an established legal agreement.

Modifications are meant to change with you as your life changes. Having it written down makes sure that everyone is on the same page. It clearly lists out the new terms and can relieve some stress from everyone involved. Our attorneys take pride in our ability to find clear-cut, common-sense solutions. Communication is key, and we will explain all potential options in order to help you find a good fit. Without a good lawyer, you could find yourself dealing with the same problems sooner rather than later.

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