Family Law Appeals

What You Should Know About Appealing A Family Case

When you feel there has been an error in judgment, it is important that you seek out knowledgeable legal guidance. Jenkins & Wheatley Family Law has over three decades of combined experience helping clients throughout Kentucky. Family appellate cases are not always easy, which is why you need a skilled lawyer by your side. We will advocate for you in every way we know how.


Experienced Guidance Is Crucial

While the legal system aims to resolve issues, unfortunately, it does not always happen that way. Sometimes people don’t get a decision that they feel is fair in their divorce or custody matter. Other times they think a case needs to be re-examined by a higher court. In these situations, filing an appeal might be in your best interest. Our team knows how to prepare and present an appeal. We work with both clients and attorneys who need help doing so.

It is important to know that things tend to move very quickly. In some cases, a judge will give you a specific amount of time for you to challenge the decision. Requesting permission to hear a case again can be tremendously difficult. You have to show that there is a valid reason to do so. Our team prides itself on our logical, no-nonsense solutions. We will always be upfront about what you should expect. Furthermore, we will advocate for you when it may feel like others aren’t.

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