Adoption Legal Services

If You’re Considering Adoption, We Can Help

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Adoption is a formal process that can help make yours complete. Having a seasoned attorney help you navigate this process is the best way to make sure things get handled correctly. Jenkins & Wheatley Family Law has helped clients throughout Kentucky for over three decades. We can answer your questions so you can feel comfortable about the future.


Representing Stepparents And Grandparents In This Process

We understand how stressful this can be and really work to make things as easy as possible. Our job is to prepare clients for everything that is happening. When roadblocks pop up, we will also help you eliminate these issues and move forward. While we have helped people from all walks of life, we especially have experience with stepparents and grandparents. They face unique circumstances when trying to navigate this area of the law.

As a stepparent, you must have the consent of both your spouse and the other parent. If this child no longer has a relationship with the other parent, they can relinquish their rights. This means they give up all responsibilities, including providing financial support. This can be an emotional situation, which is why it is important to have an attorney who thinks through things logically. We also do this for grandparent adoptions. If you believe the child is better suited in your hands, you can petition the court to terminate existing parental rights. We can help you do this.

Don’t Wait To Talk With A Lawyer

Understandably, this is a confusing area of the law. Having an attorney who understands the system is crucial. We offer straightforward advice in hopes of getting you the family you dream of. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Louisville at 502-581-0050 today. You can also email us.